Enjoy our food made from our hearts

We, Tookaiya, are very proud of having excellent chefs, cooks and service staff to serve Japanese food to you! Enjoy our famous sushi, sashimi, grilled beef or seafood or tempura and more and more made from our hearts. Tookaiya would like to keep serving the best Japanese cuisine in town with our modern approach to traditional Japanese culinary standards.

Tookaiya Special (Seasonal presentation may vary)
Tookaiya Special (Seasonal presentation may vary)

Beautiful Sakes are from the country where rice grows beautifully with clear water.

We have selected excellent Sakes from a vast range of its kinds. There are more than 1500 Sake Brewers in Japan so it’s not hard to imagine how many sakes are produced every year!
Enjoy our selection of Sake with our renown Japanese food.